The All-Star

1:38 PM

Oh baseball season. The time of the year when every Saturday the small-town ball field is jam packed with every person in a 20 mile radius. The weather is perfect, and little ones take long naps when they get home.

Joshua had his first two tball games this weekend. He played like a rockstar. 
 They got their jerseys just before the game started. He got number 1!
 I might be a little biased, but I think that that is the perfect number for him. :) 
 As you can see here ^  he cheers for the other team when they are running bases. That's one of the many things I love about him...he is always excited to see someone else succeed. 

I love watching this little guy play. You can tell he is in his element. 

Funny story...When Joshua had to play short stop he kept moving to the pitcher's mound where his teammate was. He just wanted to make conversation with the little girl. (I don't blame him for not paying attention to the game because these kids don't hit very far.) He went up to her and said "you have a 4 on your back". You could tell she was like "what are doing over here." Joshua is a people person for sure.


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