The Day I Decided To Be Happy

11:19 AM

Just another mundane tuesday. Just another day of work. This day was different though...this is the day I decided to be happy. 

I went to work as always thinking it would be a normal day. As it turned out half of the people that normally work on my day took the day off. I had the whole counter at the deli to myself. Answering the phone, taking orders, checking people out, putting ice in cups, wiping tables, all that was going to have to be done by me. I could have been mad and irritated all day, but instead I decided to make the most of the day and be happy. 

Thankfully we weren't very busy that day and when we had a slight rush my coworkers that were there helped me out. I had two people that I know come in (which always brightens my day), and two different people give me compliments. It was a good day of work.

After work I went home and relaxed until Joshua's tball practice. I brought my camera and got a couple shots of him. It made my day just to watch him practice what he loves to do.

So how did the day go differently than normal? It didn't. I mean the day itself didn't change. I still went to work, my family still went to ball practice, but it was different. It was different because I didn't let my circumstances get the best of me. I decided that I wasn't going to harp on the "bad" things that happened. I WAS GOING TO BE HAPPY! And I was. :)


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