My Librarian

3:47 PM

(photo taken by Tara Marie Photography)

You meet some people that are meant to stay in your life, and you also meet people that are meant to stay for a little while, but make an impact on your life while they're here. My librarian was the latter.

It may seem strange when I tell you this, but my librarian was my friend. She was old enough to be my grandma, but had the heart of a child. Not only did she waver my book late fees, she always was willing to listen to my rambles and give me the best nuggets of wisdom. She was the best example of a classy country woman that I've ever seen. When I grow up I want to be just like my librarian. ;)

My librarian worked her last day at my small-town library today. I was so sad when she told me. I was heartbroken really. I know that our lives crossed paths for a reason, and for that I am truly grateful.

Here are just a few of things my librarian has told me over the past year that I've known her.

G R A C E 

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