Into Nowadays 6.15.15

9:36 PM

Whoa! Things have been so busy. Graduation, surgery, getting stuff ready to move, I feel like I'm running nonstop. Lately I've been digging a few things...

Breathing. I recently had surgery to fix my deviated septum (I only had one working nostril). The results are AMAZING! I don't have to breathe through my mouth any more and I can actually have a good nights sleep! Noses are great.

Old Doctor Who. While I was laid up in bed after surgery I picked up a couple Tom Baker episodes from the library. He is my new favorite Doctor, I mean second to Matt Smith of course. ;)

Garage Sales. I haven't been to many garage sales in my life. I'm thrifty and everything, but I just don't ever get around to going to them. This past weekend my mom and I went to two bigger ones and we had so much fun. I'll have to do post soon about all the neat things we found.
(photo creds to the head and the heart & BBC.)

The Head and The Heart. I've decided that this is one of my favorite singing groups/bands of all time. Talk about relaxing music!

What have you been loving lately?

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