In Relation to Relationships

3:23 PM

No, this isn't going to be a post about a boy. As of today, I at not in a romantic relationship. However, lately the idea of relationships has been running through my thoughts. I have started to realize how blessed I am to have as many relationships as I have.

Since I've moved to a new town for college many different people have crossed my path. Some of which have become some of my closest friends. I am SO thankful for the relationships that I have with those people.

I am also remembering not to take my friends back home for granted. I left my very best friend back home when I moved. It has been so hard not seeing her only once or twice a month, but our relationship has gotten surprisingly stronger.

Yesterday I checked the mail to see a letter from a "wiser adult" friend from my home church. This woman has poured so much into my life ever since I've known her. When I had to move I knew that the dynamic of our relationship would change and that made me sad. Our relationship has changed because we no longer get to see one another twice a week, but our caring for one another hasn't. I am so grateful for her continuous encouragement.

I recently got into a different kind of relationship, discipleship. But that's for a whole other post. :)

God has really been showing me how to cherish my friendships. 

P.S...I know my posts have been all over the place lately. (They reflect the state of my brain lately.)


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