End of Semester Thoughts

1:09 AM

My first semester of college has been completed! *whoop* So many good things have happened in such a short span of time. I am really in awe of all that the Lord has done. I started out this semester  as an 18-year-old know-it-all that knew hardly anyone to a girl that has learned that she has so much to learn and that now has too many friends to count!

This amazing picture was taken be the lovely Melanie Lane.

I have been so blessed to have known a handful of camp staffers that I used to work with before I moved. I hung out with some of them and then from there met their friends that are now my friends. The best example of this is "Club Fellowship." One of my favorite staffer buddies lives in a house with four other roommates which holds this title^. I knew none of them in the beginning and now they are some of my closest friends! Those five girls are who I have to thank for helping me branch out and make even more friends and for getting really plugged into BCM. 

Another blessing this semester has been my freshmen family group. This group consists of a "mom" and "dad" who lead the bible study group and "brothers" and "sisters" that are the freshmen. I have thoroughly enjoyed my family group. It was small; "mom", "dad", two brothers, and three sisters including me. Because of the size of our group we were able to become closer to one another than we would have if it would have been bigger. I loved my group is because that's how I met two of my closest college friends. If it were not for my group I probably would not have become friends with them. 

The Lord has taught me so much about humility, encouragment, selflessness, and friendship. I have grown so much in so many different ways. I've learned that everyone needs encouragment whether they will admit it or not. Sometimes people just need a hug. Most of the time people don't want your opinion, they just want you to listen. Just listen. Sending a simple text saying that you are praying for someone can turn their day around. Friendship isn't just hanging out all the time. The meaning of friendship is to be selfless, to put someone else first. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for next semester!


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