The Firelight Project: Dustin

2:00 PM

(This series of posts are going to be a little different than my normal ones.) I had to idea to start "The Firelight Project" about a year or so ago. I wanted to capture passionate people doing something that they love. Something that makes them happy, that gets them pumped, that has set a fire in their soul. Originally, it was suppose to be a video project that took the form of mini interviews, but I decided that I would use photos instead because I feel more comfortable working with that medium. 

The first contestant for "The Firelight Project" is Dustin. He is a 16-year-old that loves sunsets, drawing, music, pickle chips, peace tea, skating, and most importantly his Lord and Savior. Dustin breaks the mold of the "normal" small-town country boy. In the small-town that we are both from there isn't much concrete to be found between cow pastures and gravel roads. Dustin uses what few resources that he has to become the best skater he can be. The local post office, bank, and our church is some of his favorite places to try out new tricks. He eats, sleeps, and breathes skating.

 The goal of this project is to publicize P A S S I O N! I want to show the world these everyday people that are getting up every day and doing what they love, what drives them.

What are you passionate about?


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