That Time We Were Caught By The Cops

2:41 PM

I wanted to take a couple pictures of my friend Savannah for my Firelight Project so she suggested we go to this graffitied bridge that is over a shallow little creek. I was up for it so we hiked down to said bridge and I started snapping some pictures. We were there for not even five minutes before a twenty-something, sunglassed police officer showed up. Long story short, we had to leave.
Savannah- "oh my gosh, there is a cop..."
It's always a sad day when the police rain on a photographer's parade. It was okay though, we decided to go downtown instead. 

 We found a super cool little hideaway that had ferns growing from the walls and vines...I love vines.

 "we welcome the freaks" 

I would say that we had a pretty eventful day. 


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