Grand Canyon Trip...Sort of

12:04 AM

As most of you know I live in the great state of Louisiana, which means that we get almost a whole week off from school for Mardi Gras. This break gives us college kids time to go adventuring and that's just what we did.

My friend told me about this place in Mississippi that is affectionately called "The Mini Grand Canyon". It is basically a big, deep pit of clay, sand, and loose gravel. Sounds "fun" right?...It was SO much fun! A group of about 30 of us went. We hiked most of the day all through the valley of the pit. It was such a great time to get to know some people a little better and definitely to build trust. At one point when I was climbing I had to fully rely on my friend to hoist me up onto a cliff, if not I would have fallen to my death no joke. Talk about a trust exercise!

 ^the sand was all in our clothes!^

 ^this is the friend that saved me from falling to my death...thanks for that.^

These next two of me were taken by my sweet photographer friend Kylie.

I made a short little video montage of our day. Check it out here.


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