What No One Told Me About College

11:51 PM

I am to the half-way point of my second semester of college. That is so crazy to think about! It seems like just yesterday I was picking out outfits to wear for senior pictures. I've been thinking a lot lately just about how many things I have learned that no one told me about before I started. Here are a few 

No one told me that I would end up wearing the same pair of pants for a week straight without washing them. #noshame This is the type of thing that happens when your apartment doesn't have a washer and dryer. Speaking of apartments...

No one told me about how annoying landlords can be. My roommate and I are currently on landlord number three. Between our apartment complex being foreclosed on, to one landlord not paying the water bill and it being cut off, and several other mishaps. Landlords can be a pain. 

No one told me that some days I would eat a poptart for supper. I didn't realize how much of a chore cooking actually was until I moved out. When it's midterm week and you have to work a closing shift at work sometimes a poptart  or a bowl of cereal is all that's happening.

No one told me how important prioritizing is. To do homework or not to do homework, that is always the question. Sometimes hanging out with friends gets chosen over homework, sometimes not. To know when it is smart to put off homework is key.

No one told me that sleep is a luxury...enough said.

No one told me just how many amazing friends I would make. Sonic runs at 11pm and random dance study breaks are more fun when you have people to share them with.

College is hard, but I am so glad that God has led me here. 

What's something that no one told you about college?


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