Roadtrip of a Lifetime

11:21 PM

Travel is something that I crave. I crave the unplanned pit-stops to see the lame touristy places, or a place that is a little off the beaten path. I crave the gas station snack runs and car karaoke. I crave new places, new faces, and new culture. My craving was filled, for now at least, this past week. 

I was wondering how in the world I was going to get to Yellowstone for my summer job/mission trip. I started looking at plane tickets for airports near the park and all of the flights were outrageously expensive. Also, on top of that, I would have the cost of a taxi and a hotel. I started looking for other possible options. I had mentioned it to one of my ACMNP teammates and she said that she was roadtripping with two other girls all the way to Yellowstone. I asked if they room for one more and they said yes! 

To put this into perspective I didn't know any of these girls. I had only spent a half a day with the girl that was also on my minitry team, but the other two I had never ever talked to. I felt safe though knowing that we all were working with ACMNP. 

I met them in Alabama on Monday morning and arrived in Gardiner Montana on Thursday night. It was one of the most memorible trips I have ever been on. I didn't realize how well you can get to know someone during a 40 hour roadtrip. These girls have become like family to me and I am going to miss them so much when we part for the summer. 

We have been through so much together. We stayed in Nashville, Tennessee the first night at a host home. The next day we visited the life size replica of the Parthenon. It was quite spectacual. We drove all the way to Kansas City, Kansas that day. 

That night we stayed with another host home. They were very hospitable and providied us with great food. From there we drove to Badlands National Park in South Dakota and camped in the park for the night. That place is like know other. You feel like you have stepped into another world. 

The next day we went to visit Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park. Then finished the day by staying in Gardiner, Montanta with another host familt for the night. 

Other mentionalable moments would propably be our car side mirror being completely destroyed by a bird that crash landed into it. We explored an abandoned factory in St. Louis. We also stopped by the Corn Palace.

This has been the trip of a lifetime and I have made memories with these three girls that I will cherish forever. Even though we will be in differnt parks this summer, I am excited to see what God is going to do through us.



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