Stargazing and Testimonies

11:26 AM

As I sit in my Yellowstone dorm room drinking a steaming cup of coffee my mind goes to all the highlights of the past weeks and all the things the Lord is teaching me.

Last week my team and I, with blankets in hand, went stargazing. In between the moments of work talk, and "hey...we live here" 's, there were moments of complete silence, moments of awe, moments of silent worship to our mighty Creator. Stars are one of my favorite things. They fascinate me, mesmerize me, but most of all make me think of my Lord. They make me realize how small I am in comparison with Him. They make me remember that I serve an all-powerful Savior. And when I see 10 shooting stars in less than an hour I don't make a wish, but praise the Lord for this beautiful place I am allowed to serve Him in.

He has also been teaching me a lot about what it means to be His missionary. Missionary work isn't always third-world countries, or in the trenches of the amazon ministering to an unreached people group. Although I have the utmost respect for those that He has called to live that life, I personally have been called to stay here at "home" in the US for now. (I am speaking to my myself when I say this) God has called every one of His followers to be a missionary to those around them. One of the main things that He is teaching me this summer is that building relationships with unbelievers and showing His love to them is the biggest form of  ministry. I was able to share my testimony, the creation story, and the salvation story with two of my coworkers this past week. Sadly, I realized that this was one of the first times I've ever been able to share my testimony with an unbeliever. I was appalled at myself. At college I am given a whole semester to connect with my classmates and share the gospel with them, but is that ever my top priority? I can feel the Lord molding me here, and chipping away at the fear, and selfishness that have taken over my life. I have a new-found desire and excitement to share about my faith and share the good news of my Savior!

I am building relationships with not only my co-workers, but also my ministry team members. We have really become family and treat each other like we're siblings. God hand-picked each one of us to perfectly fit with the others. We balance out compelety with personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. When we have the day off we all are more than happy with exploring new coffee shops, used book stores, and the local thrift shops. My team isn't afraid of hard work and we all have one goal, to spread the love of Christ. I am so blessed to be surrounded during this draining (but fulfilling) summer with like-minded individuals that sharpen me.


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