It's Over...Kind Of

10:56 AM

My employee dorm is semi-empty. I'm thinking back on these last three months. With suitcases open and half-way packed, I am remembering all the lessons learned and the memories made. The mornings I cried because I was so drained physically, mentally, and spiritually that I couldn't get out of bed. I am remembering the late nights filled with stargazing and talks about our Creator. I will never forget the friendships I made here, the things the Lord has taught me, and how much He has asked me to step outside of my comfort zone.

I am sad to leave. Sad to leave all these new friends, this park, and being unplugged from the real world. I am excited as well. Excited to continue growing these new friendships and excited to continue the mission the Lord has given His followers. "Go and make disciples..."

So here's to more late nights when I get home with the friends I've made here via facetime. Here's to getting outside more and stargazing on the weekly. Here's to being more unplugged and more in touch with my heavenly Father. Here's to stepping out of my comfort zone and doing whatever He asks of me. Here's to going home and continuing the mission.

Yellowstone, you've been great. Until next time. 

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