New Beginnings, New Ends

11:01 PM

And just like that I'm in my second year of college. Summer is over, the real world is back. I've almost completely adjusted back into normal life, even though I still cry over anything that reminds me of this past summer. I don't think I will ever 100% be adjusted back into the everyday. I've changed too much. The Lord has changed me too much. I've learned how to manage stress better. I've learned how to love better and deeper. I've learned how to prioritize. I've learned how to rest. The Lord used this past summer to break me down and build me into something new. I have a new appreciation for family, friends, and adventure.

This semester is really different than last year. I have not one, but three new roommates. I'm currently unemployed and living with only the bare necessities. I am in harder classes and have my plate full with organizations that I'm involved in. However, I'm making more time for traveling and saving more money for bigger trips. Things that used to matter don't now, and things that didn't used to matter do.

My plans for my future have shifted a bit as well. I used to have it all figured out. I was going to go to college, get married, be a mom, and run my photography business on the side. Since this summer, the Lord has completely thrown those plans out. He said, "trust me." So I have. I don't have a plan. I'm seeking His will and that's really scary. The plan is now to follow Him with as much hustle as ever. Praying that somehow I will be able to use my gifts of marketing and the arts in a ministry setting.

So here's to the unknown, new beginnings, and new ends. 

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  1. Hii... Nice to know you.. Been following u after reading the pallet project.. it helps me a lot.. thanks for that ^^


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