North Carolina Visit

12:10 AM

During my time in Yellowstone I met two southern belles from North Carolina. After realizing that all three of us had a lot in common we started hanging out after our shifts at work. Quickly we were stargazing past midnight and eating ice cream straight from the tub while discussing life.

After returning home and making a group message for the three of us titled "Southern Belles" I knew that I would have to make a trip up to NC to visit these girls. So after searching through our calendars to find a date that we were all free we finally decided on a weekend. I took my friend Abigail from back home with me as well. 

The drive there was long, but it felt good to break the mold of the everyday life schedule. Abigail and I jammed out to the radio and were able to have some good conversation for the 12 hours that it took to drive there and back.

Allison and Chelsea gave me the grand tour of their adorable home town and the mountain that it's named after. From their favorite coffee shop to the local cheese factory we saw it all.

 I am so thankful for Allison's family and the fact that they allowed us to stay at their house and cooked us amazing food like this killer burger.

 This is the view from Mount Jefferson overlooking the little town below. 

I am forever grateful for these friendships and our weekend together spent in West Jefferson.

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  1. I love the picture of the four of you on the mountain! It sounds like such a fun trip. :)


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