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Today, at 7:34pm to be exact, I will turn into a twenty-something. I no longer will be a able to identify with rebellious teens, but instead lost twenty-somethings that are trying to figure out life. I've sorta figured out the whole living on my own thing, but the adulting, let's be honest we can all use improvement in that area. It came to my realization this week while hanging out with my friends that are a tad older than me that life's about to get weird. Or maybe it's already weird and I just didn't know it. By weird I mean boring, and by boring I mean adult-like.

I found myself this past week at a mexican restaurant for one of my close friend's birthday dinner. And while we ate our queso and enchiladas there were discussions of meal prep as married people, health insurance, and the daily struggle of being "big kids" with "real jobs". I got home and felt like crying honestly because I know that in a year, two years, maybe three, I'll be there, and I'll be boring. It made me sad to think about that this season is coming to a close fast.

I called my mom (because what else do you do when you're sad?), and told her "I'm soon going to become boring and I want you to let me know when that happens so I can stop it." "I don't think I'll know", she said. "I think you won't either because to you all that stuff won't be boring, it will be your life." Again I wanted to cry because I knew she was right. As my life changes slowly into actual real life it will become "boring" to a younger generation, but that doesn't mean it will be boring to me.

Last night after a rough day at school, I was upset that I wasn't going to get to spend my birthday with my best friend because of a previous commitment. Not an hour after that my friend surprised me by coming to see me at BCM. Not only had she come to visit, she planned a surprise party with some of my closest friends. While eating sushi sitting a birthday dinner for myself I took a look around the table. These are my people. The people at that table, they are going to be the ones that go through everything with me, graduating college and my first "big kid" job. These are the people that will stand beside me on my wedding day and waiting in the hospital at 2am for the birth of my children. These are the people that are also going to become "boring" with me. One day we will be discussing retirement plans and grandchildren. I was filled with joy to know that life is changing, but that's okay because I get the privilege of doing life and being boring with the most amazing people I have ever met.

After our sushi "family dinner", my best friend and I went to Dairy Queen to grab some dessert. I noticed that she had a budget binder. I looked at her and said, "You know what this means? We're  officially boring now." We both laughed because we knew it was true.

(no worries folks I'll always be as weird as a I look in this picture.)


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