2017: the year that broke me

4:50 PM

At the end of every year,  I think back on the things that have happened good and bad over the last 365 days. Every year is unique with its special mix of hills and valleys, but this year was way more eventful in so many ways.

I originally thought that I would be moving to North Carolina in the Spring of 2018 so to prepare myself I wanted to work a summer job in the state. I applied for several job opportunities and prayed about what God would have me do. I desperately wanted to intern with Samaritan's Purse. They are a Christian mission non-profit. I didn't get that job or the other two I had applied for as backups. The last place I applied for was Ridgecrest Conference Center. It was in North Carolina and needed an outdoor adventure instructor. I applied and was excepted. I wasn't thrilled at first because it wasn't my first pick, but it was the Lord's first pick.

Ridgecrest made this past summer one of the best I've ever had. I loved getting to work outside, in the mountains, and for the Lord all at the same time. I made some really great friends that I am still friends with months down the road. The Lord grew me there and started shaping me in ways I didn't even know was possible. 

He gave me more direction on what to do going forward with my college studies. This summer I decided to change my major as soon as I got back to school to psychology. God has continued to show me more of his plan little by little concerning my future after school. 

I also was able to face my mental battles this summer, or at least that's where my journey began. This summer was a springboard for all the healing that has happened this past fall. I had tried to suppress facing my metal battles for so long that it was hard to uncover and face them head-on. With the support of my best friends, mentors, and the Lord I was able to finally to break free. I still have bad days but I am much better off now than before this summer. 

From there I learned so much about myself. It was one of the most trying experiences I had ever been through and because of that, I was able to come out stronger in the end. There have been so many things that have happened this year that God had planned perfectly, it's too many to mention. One of those was placing a job in my lap after 6 months of filling out job applications. The job was one that I heard about through a friend and she thought it would be a good fit for me. Boy, was she right! I am a part-time graphic designer and marketer now! It is a dream job for me and every day I thank the Lord for it. 

The events of this year may have broken me, but the Lord strengthened me through them.


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