I'm Moving to North Carolina

5:03 PM

In the fall I was supposed to move in with my best friend and start my first semester at the university in the social work program. Slowly and then all at once all of that was taken from me one way or another. My car blew up and all other plans fell through. I cried and every day I woke up asking God "what the heck are you doing?" I loved school and I wanted so badly to be able to have the best friend roomie experience. After finally getting to a point where I was comfortable and content at school and in my social life all of it was being taken away.

After speaking to some folks here at my summer job they informed me that they had a 9-month creative design internship that they wanted me to apply for. I would be in the marketing department and being able to do what I love, graphic design and photography. Through lots of prayer and doors being opened, I was accepted into the program and I couldn't be more excited!

Over the course of two months, I have had more happen to me than I could've ever imagined, bad and good. For those of you that have been following my story for some time, you know that I have longed to live in North Carolina for a long time. Last year I tried, without avail, to move here for school, but the Lord had other plans. And while these new plans are so sudden I know that I am in His plan.

I am in His will. And that gives me more peace than any car or college degree ever could.  

The Lord has taught me so much this summer. He's taught me about what it truly means to follow Him. Following Christ isn't about being comfortable, in fact, if you're a follower and you are comfortable I might be concerned. He calls us to wild places outside of our comfort zones and wildest dreams. I have always felt at home in these mountains and I can't wait to start a life here.

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