Hi, I'm Grace. I'm a photographer, video maker, an over-thinker, and a lover of simple things. I am a college kid. I enjoy reading and watching too much Netflix. Food is my love language. Music is my getaway. The library is my happy place. Coffee is my favorite. A lightsaber would be my weapon of choice. My sarcasm gets me into trouble and my honesty is embarrassing. I am a self-proclaimed font-snob and a graphic design nerd. My Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Narnia obsession sometimes gets out of hand. I am a small-town girl that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Having concerts in the shower and dance parties all by myself are usual occurrences.  I am a do-it-yourselfer, a crafter, a writer, and a travel enthusiast. I love rainy, napping days, but my favorite days are those where I have an adventure...and that happens more often than you'd think. However, I am nothing without my Savior!

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